Where am I from
I’m from Singapore. A tiny island off the equator. It’s pretty hot and it rains alot. You know that country that has the Merlion as her mascot.

Past Experience
I’ve had my own small studio where I did everything from Architectural Visualizations to Web Portals. I worked with small family owned businesses to large corporations like Alcatel-Lucent , Epson, DSTA and Singtel.

Why I left Singapore
After spending a dozen years working in Multimedia and teaching Computer Graphics I had a serendipitous moment and I decided it was time to do something different and fun. I decided to move to Canada with one bag of luggage and a sweater and see what the fuss was all about.

What am I doing now
I am the Advanced Visual Effects Compositing Program Lead at Lost Boys – School of Visual Effects. It’s a mouth full. Basically I teach compositing for both television and features. I have been with the School for 6 years now.

New Success
My Students have worked on over 200 hollywood movies and a dozen tv shows since graduating from Lost Boys; Everything from the Guardians of the Galaxy to the Ghostbusters.

Other Mentionables
Here’s my Portfolio – http://studiodeganz.com/
Here’s where I work – http://lostboys-studios.com/
Here’s a List of my Students (from class 9 onwards) – http://lostboys-vfx.com/alumni
I also run this blog – http://lostboys-vfx.com/
I made this Job Board for everyone – http://vfxvancouver.com/